Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair - Potholes, Cracks, & Patching

Asphalt repairs may be necessary due to safety concerns or for aesthetic reasons of the property owner. When it's time to have your pavement professionally repaired, call Clays Asphalt Maintenance.
The three kinds of repairs that can be done on asphalt surfaces are crack repair, pothole patching, and surface overlayment.  While crack repair and pothole patching are relatively minor (but important) maintenance procedures, overlayment is a more major task that may be undertaken if problems with the
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surface are widespread but the base layer is still in good condition.
Crack Repair
There are several reasons why your asphalt may end up with cracks that require repair; poor base layer, an asphalt layer that’s too thick or thin, incorrect drainage, heavy traffic, tree roots, and extreme weather conditions, are the main reasons.  These reasons lead to:
  • Fatigue or alligator cracks --patterns of interconnected cracks
  • Block Cracks—a series of large, fairly  rectangular cracks 
  • Edge Cracks--  Longitudinal cracks near the outside edge of the pavement
  • Longitudinal Cracks—Often seen parallel to the pavement’s centre line.  <
  • Transverse Cracks—Typically at right angles to the center line of the pavement. 
  • Reflective cracks—Usually located at joints in older layers of paving material.
  • Slippage cracks—due to a low quality asphalt mix or to poor bonding between layers, 
Pothole Patching
Potholes form in asphalt surfaces of parking lots, subdivisions and municipal roads due to the combined forces of weather and traffic.   These forces eventually allow rainwater to seep into the underlying dirt and gravel where the problem can quickly grow worse. Potholes must be repaired early in order to prevent further deterioration and base erosion.
  • Surface Patching
    Manual installation of new asphalt mix and compacting. 
  • Partial Depth Repair
    Mill the asphalt surface to a depth of 2-3 inches , then install new asphalt. 
  • Full Depth Repair 
    Completely remove the failed asphalt to the base layer, then install  the new asphalt.

Asphalt Overlays
An asphalt overlay can repair flaws and add new life to older asphalt by adding a second layer of asphalt over existing pavement, giving your street or parking lot a brand-new appearance for less.  Overlays can be put down when the existing asphalt surface is in a generally good condition with some problem areas.